Our Solutions

With intelligent approaches we help our customers to work more efficiently and effectively. Our philosophy is based on finding solutions that are optimized for your specific needs. We put great emphasis on innovative, future-oriented, and scalable IT systems solutions. Learn more about our technical goals and main focuses:

Networking Infrastructure

High-quality components of market-leading manufacturers guarantee the stability your network infrastructure requires. With our know-how of the latest technical developments and extensive experience, we can support you with network designs, selection and realization of appropriate products. We keep up with all relevant network technologies to help you optimize your solution. We believe that continuous education on our end will provide a future-oriented technology and product selection that not only provides you with the best solution for today, but will also prepare you for network changes in the future.

Our spectrum covers the following aspects:

  • Pre-configuration of your switches and routers in our technology laboratory
  • Pre-installation of your desired IOS image
  • Reproduction of your productivity network in our laboratory
  • Compatibility test of new hardware with your existing network environment
  • Network configurations and designs tailored to your needs
  • Technical consultation provided by our trained technicians
  • Updating, repairing, and recycling of your old equipment

Voice, Data, and Video Communications

The convergent usage of network infrastructures for both data as well as voice and video transmissions has become a new standard due to significant advantages and cost-effective operations. Additionally, it provides a significantly higher flexibility. The IP protocol of the ethernet network is used to transfer voice through data lines. Sophisticated technology contributes significantly to the high quality of the voice transmission. The same approach applies to the picture quality of video transmissions. Besides the network infrastructure, we can furthermore offer you a design and the implementation of various communication solutions with the focus on your individualized needs.

Advantages of Voice-Over-IP Solutions

  • Highly secure and redundant operations
  • The ability to use a mobile device as a WLAN phone
  • Worldwide accessibility through internet (for example, if you are in your home office, on your iPhone, or at a hotel, you can be reached on your office line)
  • No telephone line neccessary
  • The ability to keep existing phone numbers and/or adding on to phone number ranges/ blocks
  • Existing fax machines can stay in use without interruptions
  • No investment costs for a new telecommunications system
  • Free calling among branches worldwide
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Easy to navigate administration
  • All functions of a traditional phone system will be provided (CTI, Voicebox, Voice2Mail, Fax2Mail etc.)

Mobile Working

Mobile working is a rapidly growing trend. Using laptops, tablets, and smart phones has become the new norm in the business world. With this trend, the essential network and wireless technologies have become a necessity and heavily depend on reliable and flawless functioning.

We are happy to help you with any designs and configurations you envision for your business. If you need to use your mobile phone to make cost-efficient worldwide calls with your office line, send secure emails through your company’s mail server, manage the system on the go, or need anything else to contribute to your success, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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