Our Services

Mutual trust is the basis for every successful business collaboration, which is our philosophy when it comes to developing cost-optimized and efficient solutions with you and for you – from the initial contact throughout the planning phase and all the way up to the smooth operation of your custom-designed IT solutions. We offer you individualized care and will be there to support you even after your IT solution has been implemented.

Network Analysis and Design

The goal of a network analysis is to provide insight on the current condition of your company’s network: It helps to identify weak points in your IT system in order to find alternative solutions. The results of the network analysis are taken into consideration when we plan your network design. This enables us to offer you the most optimized and useful solution, keeping your specific needs in mind.

System Integration and Migration

During this phase, the results of the network analysis are used to implement the chosen design and transition it to the operating phase. We work in collaboration with you to set the standard of your new hardware for your operating system. We will also install a master client and will test it at your location. After successful test results, we will configure all applications and prepare the integration for your network. This will ensure that all units are operational and immediately ready for use upon delivery. At the same time, we will screen your existing network environment and install software updates as well as do additional hardware installations if necessary to bring your system up to date.

Network Management

The increasing complexity of communication requires stabile and easy-to-monitor network systems. For this reason, a productive and efficient network management is a vital part for any company network. We support you in finding solutions for your individual network management as well as its implementation into your existing network.

Network Security

Various threats to network security have become a global problem. Protect your company network against risks and attacks and shield yourself against unauthorized use of your data and all risks associated with such unauthorized use as well as potentially costly system failures. We offer advice on which possibilities you have and will generate a security solution tailored to your individual needs. We also offer a security check for the current state of your current network.

Project Management

Complex IT projects require a sophisticated project management – especially when different service providers with different focus points are coming together to achieve a well-defined objective. Our experienced project team is trained to convert specific tasks into practical and accurate solutions – in collaboration with your project managers and possible external partners.

Network Services and Maintenance

We put great emphasis on service and support. Our reliable customer service supports you with all questions, problems, and troubleshooting – from our customer hotline over onsite repairs all the way to remote maintenance of network systems, so that you can rely on an optimal availability of your hardware and software.

We welcome you to send us a request for a customized service offer. Please contact your already designated contact person within our sales team or send us an email at service@pantera-com.de.

Professional Disposal

We are happy to help you return or potentially promote any of your demo equipment, as well as any other previously used equipment. Instead of paying money for disposing of it, used equipment may be salvageable either as a whole unit or resalable as broken down components if prepared correctly. We can test your old equipment before its disposal and make you an offer for buying it back. Products and components that are not eligible for resale will be recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. Non-recyclable items will be disposed of professionally.

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