Automated Processes

Your dedicated Pantera team member is always available for you!

Some tasks and requests require an especially fast turnaround and unlimited access. Keeping this in mind, we have created our eServices for you.

eServices is a place for you to communicate with us around the clock, so that we can take care of your request as soon as possible.

Our E-Services

Please inform us if you have an RMA and let us know the exact part and serial number of the product along with a brief error description BEFORE you ship. After we authorize the return, we will give you a reference number, which you can use when you return the equipment as described.

Pantera Communications provides you with all the tools and service features you need in order to develop, utilize, and develop your business potential and goals.

With our electronic service tools, we aim to make your business even more successful, lower your costs, and therefore increase your sales opportunities.

Within the Pantera Costumer Portal you can monitor your orders placed with us, from the time of purchase all the way up to posting delivery times. You receive full access to our service portal, which lists all services ordered through us, including start and end dates. Additionally, our automatic service reminders – sent via email before current contracts expire – ensure that you do not run into relicensing issues with the manufacturer, as these can be extremely costly and belong in the past with the right service tools.

You will also have access to our invoicing portal, which lets you view all of your invoices online. If you ever can’t find an invoice, it can easily be resent as a PDF document. Our portal also includes a real time stock list of our warehouses and will let you send a request to us with just a few clicks.

Talk to your Pantera service representative to get access!

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